Home of the Hordeland

      Welcome to the home of the Hordeland, a World of Warcaft Guild. Here we value our membership more than anything else and strive to explore new content with a family guild's ideals. The Hordeland prides itsself in our roster made up of the best individuals you will ever meet.

      When talking about video games people often scoff and say "It's just a game, why are you so serious about it?" It's true, the game is just a game and there is no misconception about that. Getting upset over some loot or a failed attempt on a raid boss shouldn't be taken too hard, that is just a game. However, the real people you play with are not a game. Taking them seriously is about having basic compassion for one another as would be expected from one human to another. Every one of our members is treated with the same reverent respect and admiration you'd expect from being in the same room as some of your closest friends, and in some ways we are.

     Above all else, the Hordeland is about fun. It's about laughing together and enjoying the game by simply having good company. Everything, regardless of guild or faction, should be able to enjoy themselves without having to step on others. Because of this you'll often hear the battle cry shouted loud and proud...

...Long Live The Hordeland

Sincerely, Denknight, Guild Leader of Hordeland for Us


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